KFC announces creative MASHup with the University of Johannesburg

University students get the opportunity to redesign KFC Auckland Park Store.

On Wednesday, 17 August 2022, South Africa’s biggest QSR brand, KFC, teamed up with UJ (the University of Johannesburg) in a collaborative design programme for second and third-year students. The collaboration termed, The KFC Creative MASHup saw a gathering of students from the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture (FADA) participate in several unique design projects to support their dreams and elevate the young creatives.

“ KFC recognises the importance of investing in the youth of South Africa and providing them with platforms to showcase their truest ambitions and talent. We believe now more than ever; there is a greater need to focus on creating opportunities, training and upliftment programmes that enrich the lives of many – the KFC creative MASHup will be one of the many ways that we believe we can get involved ” – Grant Macpherson, KFC Marketing Director

UJ students being briefed on the KFC MashUp concept. IMAGE COURTESY OF PLAYMAKERS.
Smash Afrika facilitating the KFC MashUp event. IMAGE COURTESY OF PLAYMAKERS.

KFC’s commitment to feeding people’s potential will once again be realised as the students seize the opportunity to develop design solutions for KFC that include interior design and associated design ideas. Inspired by local and international hospitality and retail design trends, Interior Design students will present proposals to modify the existing quick-service restaurant to provide a customer experience that supports a digitally-savvy consumer culture while keeping the distinctly KFC brand.

KFC Marketing Director, Grant Macpherson and UJ Head of the Department of Interior Design, Ilse Prinsloo speaking on the partnership between KFC and UJ. IMAGE COURTESY OF PLAYMAKERS.

When asked about what the collaboration means to the university, Mrs Ilse Prinsloo, the Head of the Department of Interior Design, said, “This multidisciplinary collaboration between the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Johannesburg and KFC is an opportunity for students to build on existing skills and knowledge. It gives us great pleasure as an institution of learning to bring together communities that share a passion for design, education, and youth culture. It provides students with exposure to the realistic expectations and challenges associated with quick-service restaurant design of a well-known global brand while they engage with problem-based learning that connects to real-world issues. Globally, quick-service restaurants are developing new, modernised restaurant concepts that prioritise a digital-forward and contactless customer experience to meet the challenges of the current socio-economic climate. The student briefs align to these contextual trends and challenges.”

Over and above this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the young designers stand a chance to win a mentorship programme with local South African illustration studio Yay Abe, founded by Russell Abrahams, an individual who has previously collaborated with sought-after fashion brands such as H&M.

For more information on KFC, check out their website or social pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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