OKUSHA is a proudly African, Female-owned jewellery and accessory collective based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Established in 2020, by owners Amy Kropman and Joani Groenewald, Okusha envisioned the development of a unique, bold yet sophisticated jewellery brand that is both socially and environmentally conscious. Okusha combines modern and traditional styles with bold, colourful and unique jewellery pieces that are all made from recycled flip flop materials and elevated with brass, silver and gold metals.

” Okusha is a gift. A gift to yourself, someone special, to the environment and the community. Every touchpoint is carefully considered and the purchase of an Okusha piece means the support of earth-friendly materials, practices that are fair to its female creators. ” – statement from the Okusha website

Okusha gives women a seat at the table through design, driving the change of desirable fashion from Eurocentric to proudly, boldly, uniquely African.

Starting with an obsession for bracelets, which she first discovered in a shop in America over a decade ago, Amy Kropman conceptualised Okusha. In 2020, Amy partnered with Joani (a South-African-born jewellery designer and creative). Together, this newly formulated duo conceptualised a new vision for their jewellery brand that would allow for it to be recognised by both South African and global audiences. Since 2020, the brand’s designers have worked in collaboration with local artisans through a stable fairtrade network. The brand has grown to be known for its unique statement pieces, that are designed for those who are trendy, and not afraid to be bold or make a statement.

Joani and Amy are committed to developing a brand with social and environmental integrity that is focused on uplifting women through design. In this regard they wish to promote and embrace African design and vibrant style through their jewellery, made only from environmentally conscious materials.

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