Founded and led by Megan Cozens, a zero-waste enthusiast, student of life, and self-accomplished business woman, Plaiin cosmetics is redefining the role that beauty can play in our lives. Blending modern bakery delight with the world of beauty, Plaiin’s collection of value-worthy skincare was designed to help everyone indulge in the moments that matter. As consumers are becoming savvier about what they put on their bodies, recognising that the link between inside and out is more than skin deep, more companies are taking note. This beauty-focused skincare brand has made its mission to develop all-natural beauty products, made with edible-grade ingredients, that are good for your skin and body—and some that will even make your tastebuds happy!

In our line of questions, we asked Megan to share with us more about the team behind Plaiin.

This is her answer:

” Plaiin is very much my baby, but I have had a great amount of help from my parents Sylvia and Colin. They have been a great support and have directed me through the business challenges over the past three years. My goal was always to run my own business, as I watched my parents do my whole life. Now, I can say that I am really doing it ”

” About a year ago, Plaiin gained a new team member and she has been such an asset to us. Her name is Nomaka. I initially hired Nomaka to clean my home. When my studio was still in my home, she would watch me make all of my products. She showed so much interest that one day I asked her if she would like to help me. I began teaching her how to make all of our products and, very quickly, she was producing everything on her own. Ever since then, she is the sole formulater at Plaiin and I really rely on her a lot. It has been an amazing journey watching her gain new skills, whilst also providing for her family. This is something she really enjoys! ”

Each product is handcrafted from a mix of Plaiin’s base ingredients: butters, oils and waxes. As stated on the brand’s website, ‘‘Plaiin follows the philosophy of ‘skin food’ rather than ‘skincare.’ If you can’t eat it, your skin shouldn’t either.’’

We asked Megan, if there is any cool and exciting news in store for Plaiin?

Here’s what she had to say:

” I am about to release a long-awaited Face Oil which is 100% locally produced. From the bottle being hand glass-blown in Johannesburg, to the ingredients being wild-harvested by local communities in Lesotho and Zimbabwe, this luxury product is very close to my heart. With every purchase made, we plan to give back to a home for young women who have been rescued from sex trafficking situations. The future of Plaiin is very exciting. I want to be able to produce many more sustainable products! ”

Plaiin cosmetics’ Mirage Face Oil launches this year in late Sepetmber.

Plaiin Cosmetics Mirage Face Oil.
Plaiin Cosmetics Mirage Face Oil.

” My passion for Plaiin was built on making sustainable skincare and self-care solutions ” – Megan Cozens

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