[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_uHn8jJrHs[/youtube]   The InAWE Residency programme is our World Design Capital in 2014 project in collaboration with InAWE Stays and Nokia. Together we’re inviting eight local creatives to visit the beautiful InAWE Stays while working on a unique piece inspired by the Mother City.   The fourth artist in residency is Danielle...

Photographer, graphic designer at Touchlab, maker of plush toys, plusher tents and Photicons, Danielle Clough has directed her creative skills our way this week with the making of this album artwork to accompany her #NowPlaying playlist.

One of the photographers from the 10and5 fashion photography exhibition and all-round creative gem, Danielle Clough, has (very sadly for us) moved to New Zealand. We've been keeping up with her via her photography blog to see what she's been up to down under.
Between 10 and 5