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In line with publishing trends, we have now officially made our native advertising product available to all brands and agencies.

We’ve been testing our Native Ads model for the past 6 months and have successfully run campaigns on 10and5 for Adobe, Nokia, Mercedes Benz, Feiyue, FNB, Vitamin Water and more. The demand for custom content in South Africa has increased dramatically and at 10and5 we’ve been keeping up with the pace.


What are native ads?

Native ads are content pieces that appear in the stream of our normal content. The reader can clearly see that the campaigns are marked as “Sponsored Content”, but the content is interesting and adds value to their experience. For more reading on Native Ads, we suggest having a look at this infographic to explain more.

In a nutshell, native ads bring an advertiser the added value of content creation and distribution to our audience.

Where can I see some examples?

Who produces the native ads?

The 10and5 editorial team produces the content in partnership with the brand or agency team.

What type of content do you do?

We’ve done video, illustrations, photo essays and standard editorial. Anything that lives online – although we’ve also produced some TV spots in the past too!

Do you want more information?

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