Icons are hard to come by. Flatform45 created this simple set of icons right in time for the World Cup. Check out more: http://www.iconjelly.com...

Roxanne David's new Light Photography Here are a few images of her work for you to peruse at your leisure. Her main focus is Urban life and concrete structures, how engineers built living day art pieces that we don't even notice yet come into contact with eveyday. The maze that is the city that we navigate is filled with little treasures. Be sure to go check out her blog: www.aphotoaday2010.tumblr.com

New President Magazine “Goodwill Fernandes”

I really enjoy how The President continues to push the boundaries and perceptions of what a magazine is, what format it should take, and how the reader should interact with it.

I think it's a very poignant apporach at a time where there's a worldwide decline in print sales. Magazines are going to need to get more visceral, interactive and interesting, if theyre going to survive the dawning slate and iPad computer era.

BOER & BRITThese Boer And Brit wine labels were produced by Stellenbosch design studio, Fanakalo.
The winemakers happened to both have an extremely rich historical connection and studied together by complete coincidence. We then created this label for them that already has 2 cultivars.
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS1exujG3cY&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Nike recently has some cool new fabrics out - specifically the new polo shirt. To launch the NIKE GRAND SLAM POLO, Nike employed the help from some of their most important resources, their athletes.  Together with legendary UK photographer Rankin, Nike shot key athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Joe Cole and Patrice Evra.    All tournament ready, these athletes, filled with national pride, told us how they will “Bleed Their Colours” this season.  Check out the behind the scenes video from the shoot below. If you're feeling it, remember to Follow the NIKE fanpage.

AquaOnline consistently pumps out great, well crafted work. This one was done for the MTN Let's go 2010 campaign. As expected from Aqua, the site is beautifully crafted. Anyone know who to attribute the credits to?...

Jordan MetcalfFeatured today we have some of the latest work from Jordan Metcalf. Some of these are from his show in Chicago and he has not put them up anywhere else yet - thanks for the exclusive Jordan!.
10and5 Wallpaper   We featured Jess's work a while back (we loved the crazy horse!), and now we have some wallpapers to feature as well! Download these and use them as your desktop background. Until we get the next ones up. If you would like to feature your desktop wallpaper, simply send us a mail to submissions@10and5.com. Click through for the other sizes.
I Love Soweto This is the official "I Love Soweto" campaign, which is a creative collaborative project by the youth of Soweto. It's all about making the people of Soweto be proud of their hood and suburb. Also the focus is not on the World Cup but on the multi-facade's of Soweto.

The people from A Happy Place Creation are having yet another show on the 6th of May. Be sure to go check it out...

Meca Short Film Festival It's not often that we feature international work, but every once in a while we'll do the odd post. Check out this funny campaign for MECAL, a short film festival in Barcelona. It was done by Atletico International in Barcelona and the ads ran in VICE Magazine Spain.
Alfred Hitchcock said that the length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder. Which was their inspiration for their last campaign for MECAL, Barcelona Short Film Festival. From now on, the first bladder friendly festival.
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