Author: Matt

New Online Shop Design… by you?

In the mood for R5 000 of online shopping & a year’s paid internship at Quirk eMarketing? That’s a lot of shopping & a foot in the door at Africa’s leading full service online advertising agency. In exchange? Help the African Fashion International (AFI) Awards Retailer of the Year for 2010, […]

Illustrator Lu – Portfolio Pieces

Lu’s coming around to the idea of putting his work up and the importance of having an online portfolio. Seems like an everyday thing for a lot of us, but having an identity online is still fresh for some super talented folk.

A Cool Casa Illustration by Lu

‘Lu’ has a unique way about himself. He recently removed himself and all his posted work from Facebook, not that it matters really, seeing as he was on under a weird pseudonym name anyway. He likes what he does & this is a version of his house “MIcasaESsuCAsa”. He’s also got […]


[youtube][/youtube] Something to get you thinking about playing safe on the weekend..which is almost here. Enjoy!

Says Who launches Says Who Threads with Woe Is Me Clothing

Says Who in conjunction with Woe Is Me clothing have launched an initiative that will see 3 custom T’s released a month. They’ve got an online store going live soon, so check out their blog or follow @SaysWhoStudios to hear about it when it happens. You can have a look […]

Greg Lomas Designs launches website

“greg lomas designs is the foundation for Greg Lomas and colleagues and collaborators to explore art and design as a service to society, as well as an umbrella for all the small and big creative outlets and projects we pursue or entertain.” Sounds cool & some of their work (including […]

HelloComputer launch TurboFace

HelloComputer launch TurboFace

HelloComputer have recently launched a new flash site for Turbovite. It includes quite a nice mechanic that calls on people to upload their TURBOFACE (after having a Turbovite obviously) and has led to some pretty funny (and some very odd) pics being entered so far.

The Plastics – Shark CD Launch Campaign

The Plastics recently launched their new CD Shark at The Assembly and included a wide range of supporting material in the build up and at the actual event. Have a look at how they carried their concept across multiple channels & let us know what you think.

New Merseystate Music Video

[youtube][/youtube] Filmed and Directed by Rob Nicholls of Bam. Whether it’s your kind of music or not, you have to admire a band that’s willing to give away it’s new album for free. The idea is simple & hard to argue against as a fan – all the music, videos […]

Fresh new site – Loaded Smoothies

Fresh new site – Loaded Smoothies

You may have noticed on your last visit to Pick ‘n Pay that there’s a new smoothie on the shelf. Loaded Smoothies is brought to you by the same guys that launched Gourmet Burger a few years back and promises to be an exciting brand to look out for. It’s […]