#BAYEZA18: 40 Creatives Under 30

#Bayeza18 is our list of young, emerging creatives doing excellent work in their various industries. We’ve asked our network of creative practitioners who inspires them the most, and who YOU should be watching. We hear from the ones who are influencing and shaping contemporary creative culture.
The years list is our collective view of the people to watch, the young creatives breaking through.

Keep an eye out, because They Are Coming.

Our Judges for 2018

For 2018 we sent out a call to our 10and5 network to source nominations for our Bayeza list. We asked them two things: who would you nominate as someone who is coming, and secondly who they think has delivered an outstanding contribution to South Africa’s creative industry. Our judges list spreads wide – from award winning actors and filmmakers to artists and advertisers and even an IP lawyer in the mix. These judges have helped us to shortlist our nominations down to 30 of the top young creatives to keep an eye on.

Past Issues Of Bayeza

In this video by Between 10and5 and the Visual Content Gang, Lazi Mathebula, Pola Maneli, Rendani Nemakhavani, Andiswa Mkosi, Thandiwe Tshabalala and Dillion Phiri share their thoughts on being young and creative in South Africa today, and the importance of telling – and owning – your own story.


In 2016 we boldly repositioned our Young South Africa series as a definitive list of 16 individuals and collectives. Through original in-depth interviews, profiles and videos, we hear from the ones who are influencing and shaping contemporary creative culture.


The Bayeza17 series celebrates 10 individuals and collectives through the lens of exchange and dialogue; intergenerationally and between peers. From in-depth interviews to profiles and videos, we document the dialogues between young, up-and-comers making their mark on the creative industry, and established ones leaving indelible impressions on South Africa’s cultural scene

Between 10 and 5