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This is an ad done by King James for the Cape Argus which appeared in the Sax Appeal. It got first place for Ad of the Month in the magazine print category. Creatives: Jabu Sigege (Copywriter) and Rachel Brown (Art Director). Creative Director: Alistair King...

The latest VW Citi Golf campaign introduces us to the concept of the Recessionista: a fashion-forward individual who looks good despite “these tough economic times.” They are fashionistas making the most of the recession. They pillage their grandmother’s wardrobe, find ultra-stylish clothes at thrift...

This poster / print ad was created by Ogilvy Cape Town to celebrate Volkswagen’s momentous victory in this year’s Dakar Rally. The ad highlights the harsh conditions experienced during the race, and how Team Touareg prevailed, in spite of the torturous environment and competitors. The...

The DA has entered the above-the-line campaign race with this inspiring little TV ad. The ad carries an uplifting message, focusing on the hope that, with your support, the DA can make South Africa a better place for all. The only question is who’dunnit? Here’s to hoping one of you has some answers for us. The awesome thing is that they aren’t just speaking to the older generation through conventional media. The DA is bringing the Rock the Vote initiative (made popular in the U.S) to South Africa and they’ve got some awesome local talent to back them up. The poster, designed by graphic artist Rouleaux van der Merwe, is pretty attractive too! So points to the DA for speaking to the youth in a language we understand and appreciate.
hang10_fire1 Remember Summer is the latest campaign for Hang Ten. Created by King James, the campaign depicts a beach lifestyle-inspired winter: camping and hanging out by the fire, youthful optimism and the freedom that comes with being outdoors. The work was done by creative team Christiaan Conradie (Art Director) and Bianca Brandi (Copywriter). 
Vodacom has launched a new campaign (Player 23) to target the enthusiastic rugby fans for the Super 14. It features a rugby fan called Jan, the 23rd player, who's following his daily routine - but with the team following him around and trying to be exactly like him. Besides the hilarious TV ads, Vodacom also has a website where fans can download their own lockers and personalise them by adding their names, pictures and favourite teams. Fans can also download all the latest news on the Super 14 and other rugby mobile content to personalise their phones via the mobile element. You can read the entire press release on Bizcommunity. DraftFCB and ClickThinking was responsible for the concept and production of the PLayer23 Campaign. What we're very interested in is the tight integration between above the line (there is an enormous amount of print and TV exposure) and the way that has tied in with Mobile, and the desktop. This is the first mainstream application we've seen that uses Adobe Air for the desktop, and pretty tight mobile integration. The main advantages of a platform like Adobe Air is that you develop your app once, and it can be deployed to OSX or Windows, plus you have the added benefit of having free reign by using Flash, and the runtime brings the package size down quite considerably. 10and5 is hoping to get a case study out of the guys responsible for the campaign! We're hoping to get a case study out of the guys who produced the entire campaign - it would be very interesting to see what their findings were and how successful the Player 23 campaign was when it comes to and end.
[image title="primivalentines-splashpage_1" size="large" id="980" align="center" ] BlackSheep studios, who we've featured before, have recently completed a microsite for Primi Piatti. They created a concept game around "playing your cards right" that they matched with a suitable grungy 50's feel. The concept was visually applied to Posters, Hanging Banners, Table Talkers and a Splash Page for the primi-world website. More links after the link:

[image title="29012009448" size="large" id="958" align="center" ] We spotted this 2-way mirror ad in the bathrooms at Wembley Square. It's a large printed advertisement that's been mirror printed, so that when you stand in front of the the mirror it shows up behind you. The ad shows you...

[image title="Home Page" size="full" id="908" align="center" ] I found this gem last night just before I was going to leave the office, two hours later and I was still busy navigating around the site and playing the minigames. Toyota must have spent quite a bit of money on this project but my, it was worth it. While the visuals and design is not always top notch, the concept and sheer size of this thing makes it worth a look (if you have 2 or 3 hours to spare...). You start of by signing up to receive Hilux Country Citizenship. Once you have your passport the aim is to get your passport stamped by the various authorities to finally make it to full citizenship (and stand in chance to win a Toyota Hilux). There are 5 different Government Departments that you need stamps from and each of these gives you a different challenge. Inside the site there is also various other questions and clues that will give you extra points towards citizenship. This includes a Facebook parody called Toughbook, and various usage of outside sites and fake blogs to find clues and details to help you in your quest to become a Hilux Country citizen. The big question I have here is who'dunnit? I have my suspicions on who the agency was but can you confirm? Let's see if we can solve this one! More images available when you click here.
[image title="What on Earth" size="full" id="738" align="center" alt="What on Earth" linkto="viewer" ] I was browsing around some of my favourite sites and came across this gem, Savanna What On Earth. 5FM and Savanna have come together to run a competition where users can win R 25 000 each day. A extremely nicely designed flash site using Papervision. Papervision is something that hasn't yet been high on the uptake in South African agencies, so it's great to see a site using the technology available to add that extra bit of bling to a site that in essence is nothing more then a small competition microsite. The big question here is who'dunnit? I have asked around my agency connections and have a fair idea of the production company that created this but can you confirm my suspicions? Any ideas? Click more to see the gallery. UPDATE: Props to Hellocomputer for the design of the site. Thanks to all for the internet sleuthing and solving this Who'dunnit!

Cow Africa recently launched the MWEB Gadget Genie campaign. Using some interesting pixel art and old school tunes they really managed to take this reviewer back a view years. It reminds of me of the old school bit games that I used to play - Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Leisure Suite Larry (Can't tell me you didn't play that one!) The campaign is aimed at identifying potential "gadget genies" with a email capture form at the end of the game. Being a self-professed geek, even I expanded my geek knowledge, only nearly making the cut! More screenshots when you click through.
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