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With the launch of the new Vodacom Fame campaign, Vodacom has launched a site where users can upload videos of themselves doing the Fame dance. The engine is running of the Zoopy platform and allows users to view, comment and load videos. An interesting addition to...

haas6 We were recently pointed to this new site which was created to promote the Afrikaans language. Our assumption here is that it was created in anticipation of the Pendoring awards. Not really impressed with the concept or functionality but quite liking the illustration of site. Only question is why is there so many sexual references? Can anyone share some light on this project? Any idea who'dunnit? More images below the fold.

  If you've got an ego so large that even a big fat raise, your boss's job and a supermodel won't satiate, then The Loerie Awards has created just the site for you. In line with this year's campaign missive to Feed Your Ego, the folks at...

screen3 Another site developed by Gloo. This one allows you to create messages sung by Simba Potatoes and send them on to your friends. The concept is not new but still quite a nice execution of this, with some cool videos being created for each of the possible selections. Worth having a look to at least see the appreciate the quality of the finishing touches on this. More images below the fold:
1013511245234168 We recently discovered this micro-site from Gloo that allows you to customise and save a pdf template of a paper toy. There's a male and female toy each with a 'business' and 'casual' side that you can change the features of. The die for the toys was obviously inspired by the awesome readymech style paper toys. Loads more cool images when you click through.

A new campaign has recently been launched for GM Concept Cars called "Where will Chevrolet Take You?" The campaign uses full video featuring musician Sloan to talk you through the first part of the campaign site. It also has an Papervision driving module where you...

witwatersrand-university-boomwitwatersrand-university-box-boy Saatchi & Saatchi produced these two digital campaigns for Wits University. Check out more details after the link.   Screensavers: The Thinking: Most school leavers intend studying after high school. However, they often don’t. Firstly, because they’re not sure what they want to do. Secondly, because they lose ambition or fall into a mindset that they don’t need a degree to be successful. The truth is, those with degrees can open doors others can’t. The Solution We loaded screensavers onto computers in high school computer rooms. The viewers see from the first person, the carrying out of a dull, boring job that calls for little or no mental stimulation – the type of job that may one day be a reality unless they get a degree.    
Greenday Prezence South Africa, has recently launched the latest Greenday site. This is quite a nice flash site with some simple 3D transitions as you navigate between sections. I would have loved to see a little bit more interactivity but overall I think it's a decent execution. Some good UXP elements throughout the site. There is also a nice competition with a decent prize, worthwhile entering and trying your luck. Click here to visit the site. More images of this site is available below the fold.


AquaOnline is behind the new BMW Z4 microsite. The site is an extension of the Expression of Joy campaign for the Z4 . From the site it's possible to download wallpapers, pricelists, and a number of other things. It also integrates quite nicely with the Samsung campaign they recently did as well. Interesting to note, the artist behind the Expression of Joy ad is a South African. Robin Rhode was born in Cape Town. Click through for more images in the campaign.
Zoopy has recently launched a "Framed" campaign using loads of prank videos on their platform. The production house behind the campaign is Cow Africa, and the goal now is to get users to upload as many of their own videos as possible. The campaign includes its own landing page with illustrations comissioned by Cow, done by Jaco Haasbroek. Jaco is also responsbile for the illustrations in the intro animation. Cow was responsible for the conceptualization and execution of the campaign, as well as any production work. Take a look at some more videos after the jump.
it-grows-on-you We were invited to the Rajasthan Royals Facebook fanpage It Grows On You. We're not sure who did the campaign or microsite, all we know is that PUMA is involved. The campaign is centered around the Mooch - a massive mustache that all the players are wearing on PR stunts. Supporters can download their own mustache, which they then wear at events - if they are spotted they can win a Rajasthan Roayls shirt. Check out the main site here, and the Facebook Fanpage here. Drop us your comments below.
003 HelloComputer is responsible for some pretty tight work lately. We're showing off the site they've done for House Of Coffees. Check out the main work behind this link here. Or click through this post for some more screen shots.

HelloComputer recently completed the Feed Your Ego microsite to create some pre-launch buzz for the Loeries. The site introduces you to the theme of this year’s awards by allowing you to play a game that involves “feeding your Ego”. The leader board shows you who, and which agency, is at the top of the rankings and the top 100 users are given the chance to put up their hands and get involved in the next level of the campaign before anybody else does (the best ego booster available – exclusivity). There is a grand prize up for grabs as well and the biggest ego that emerges from the battle will win it. The prize is an ego boosting luxury packed weekend of indulgence in Cape Town, including accommodation for this year’s proceedings. So if you’re coming from inland, great and if you’re already in Cape Town, at least you won’t have to trash your own place after the party. Check it out at: Our high score is up there somewhere as well. We didn't do too well...

kinky-afro-2-2 The Kinky Afro campaign by Good Hope FM certainly isn't new - you've certainly spotted the ads on TV (if not, we've embedded it below). The site for Kinky Afro was produced by Gloo and takes a tongue in cheek look at the computers we used during the 80's and early 90's. The site also includes a mini Pong game with the characters, where they sing some of their favourite lyrics if you hit a ball.
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