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Latest Creative News
This is the latest micro campaign produced for YDE by Urbian (follow them on twitter The campaign is centered around 2 people, Adam & Eve. It consists of 2 channels, Microsite and mailers. And the competition element involves you telling 2 friends. Urbian had 2 weeks to produce the campaign elements. The campaign spans a 2 week period. More images after the jump.

Tobie, from t-shirt company Fittees, will  be hosting a series of screen printing workshops from his studio in Obs over the next 2 months. The idea is to bring your own design and he will take you through all the steps. You can either bring...

rhp_183 Check out the photography work from Ross Hillier, a photographer based in Cape Town.
Born in the Cape and driven by the inspiration of this mad and wonderful world. I'm an artist with a need to capture the things around me as they appear as well as touching on social and moral issues that play such a big part of all of our lives and this planet. Usually found nocturnal. Inspired by music and the ocean and light and life. Forever with my eye through a lens.
img_9204 Pepermint by Chocboy is a fashion label out of Soweto. I met the guys last year in December at a party put together by Thesis (another clothing label out of Soweto) and simply had to get hold of at least more pics. They don't have a web presence yet, but in the next month or 2 you might see them popping up at a couple of places.
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