New site for Legion Collective

New site for Legion Collective

Legion Collective have just updated their site – take a look. They’ve also completed the illustration featured above. Also click through for the Cookie Font!

Fanakalo Design Studio

Fanakalo Design Studio

I’ve been trying to get hold of these guys for a while now, and they’ve finally launched after a much anticipated wait. Check out Fanakalo.co.za for more details on this design studio out of Stellenbosch. Fanakalo is a pidgin language in which two or more parties communicate over restrictive barriers […]

Pieter Hugo – Nollywood

Pieter Hugo – Nollywood

Studio83 alerted us to these amazing images by the renowned South African photographer Pieter Hugo. The press release for the series reads: Nollywood is said to be the third largest film industry in the world, releasing onto the home video market approximately 1 000 movies each year. Such abundance is […]

Ace Swart Interview – Publisher Vice Magazine South Africa

Today we’re interviewing Ace Swart who is the publisher of Vice Magazine in South Africa. If you don’t know Vice Magazine, it might be best to do a little research first! They are probably one of the best established underground (if you could still call them underground) publications in the […]

Hello Computer Office Photos

Hello Computer Office Photos

We’re starting a new feature on Between 10 and 5 called Office Photo’s where we feature office photo’s of all the contributors to the site. There are a couple of other sites doing similar stuff, most notably Officesnapshots.com and more locally Bandwidth Blog as well. The photo’s you’ll see here […]

Richard Hart’s debut solo exhibition opens at Whatiftheworld

Originally via:  Marklives!com. Kind Pockets, Richard Hart’s debut solo exhibition opens at Whatiftheworld in Cape Town this February during the week of Design Indaba. Hart is best known as the creative force behind Disturbance, the highly acclaimed Durban based design studio that was recently featured on the cover of the […]

Bakers Biscuits TV Commercial

The other day it hit me that I really didn’t know who produced the Bakers Biscuits TV Commercial. It was pretty easy to find who did the production on it – BlackGinger.tv is responsible for the production of the video and the entire commercial was designed and directed by Shy […]

Gretha Louw – Platteland Photography

There’s creativity outside of ‘citylisation’. Living proof hereof is our featured freelance photographer Gretha Louw. Armed old-school with only a role of film and a tender eye for nature her photography depicts the nostalgic calmness and contentment that is stereotypically associated with the countryside. Previously from Pofadder she now spends […]

T.I.T.E.S – Shapeshift Interactive

T.I.T.E.S. brings the cutting edge of themed Electro Punk to a crowd that has been starved of a good dance for far too long. These bi-monthly parties reinvent the rave, incorporating elements of electronic music and video art hosted in eclectic spaces. Presented by HAEZER producer and DJ, these T.I.T.E.S. […]

Skull Boy wants you to give your best

[image title=”sticker-pole-jam” size=”full” id=”952″ align=”center” ] Skull Boy has got some sick illustration and wheatpaste work up in Durban. We love his style and think you should check out more of his work below. After you’ve done that, check out his Flickr page.

Daniel Ting Chong – Illustrator

[image title=”levis-painting” size=”full” id=”936″ align=”center” ] Daniel Ting Chong keeps his work visible on his Flickr site. He’s done some awesome work for some big name clients and is currently employed by The President. He was recently also featured in OneSmallSeed, as well as having done some amazing stuff for […]

DraftFCB – Star in the lemon light with Savanna

[image title=”Age Verification” size=”full” id=”881″ align=”center” alt=”Age Verification” ] When the lights go out where do they go to? Savanna is all about being tactical, dynamic, topical and relevant. Because of the fun, quirky nature of Savanna’s brand communications, in the past consumers have gone as far as to pitch […]