813761234609541 While the past week was choc-n-block full of everything Design Indaba, we've kept a bit quiet about it - we felt most of it was being covered by the traditional outlets already (if you beg to differ, do tell us so in the comments below). What we did want to highlight though was the great work done by The Jupiter Drawing Room for some of the pre-Indaba invites, as well as some other elements you might have spotted at the Indaba. We originally spotted the works over at Brandt Botes' Behance portfolio, the Graphic Design Group Head at Jupiter. Head over there for some more images. We've included a short description of each piece after the link as well.

This just came in via: The 4th of March is the opening of my exhibition at Curious, Whetstone and Frankley Gallery in Observatory. If you can’t make it to the opening night, you should definitely make time to come through another time. It closes on the...

UPDATE: this has been solved. Click through to view who did the campaign. We couldn't find out who produced this video for Sports Illustrated Afrikaans. It's our Who Dunnit of the week. We had to do some sleuthing around to find it at all online at...

The Assembly, situated at 61 Harrington Street District Six in Cape Town, is a relaxed vibey venue featuring all the upcoming and well known bands and music in the industry. They do stuff different from the norm, a bit of creativity to everything. Every month a different artist takes the time to design a flyer for the upcoming events and Assembly. Take a peek at some of the previous designs right here. They also offer other special features such as The Assembly birthday gift which invites you and 5 friends in for free at certain events on the day of your birthday. Please read the Terms and conditions on their website and check out some of the upcoming events : www.theassembly.co.za.
[image title="sticker-pole-jam" size="full" id="952" align="center" ] Skull Boy has got some sick illustration and wheatpaste work up in Durban. We love his style and think you should check out more of his work below. After you've done that, check out his Flickr page.
[image title="levis-painting" size="full" id="936" align="center" ] Daniel Ting Chong keeps his work visible on his Flickr site. He's done some awesome work for some big name clients and is currently employed by The President. He was recently also featured in OneSmallSeed, as well as having done some amazing stuff for Adidas, Sportscene. He currently has quite a number of works up at ArtJamming in Wembley Square.

The ideabounty blog has a pretty good interview with Mingo Lamberti, the clothing guys. Check it out here: Mingo Lamberti. Rare and tasty.. Mingo Lamberti . Can you share the background story about the name and explain the concept in general to the nice folks in...

[image title="_poolga_finalcomp_1" size="large" id="856" align="center" ] We originally spotted Trevor Paul's stuff in OneSmallSeed when they featured the BigWood exhibition event in Durban. Since then, we've discovered an absolutely awesome trail of great design. Be sure to join the Facebook group for Bigwood to get updates on new events (they're heading off to Berlin in Feb 2009!). Trevor is also involved with the Revolution blog. Check out some of his great graphic work below.
Note: We're going to be toning down on the student work for the next couple of weeks - expect less student updates. [image title="picture-20" size="large" id="836" align="center" ] Jenni le Grange did some great work for  The Observatory Zoo, alongside some stuff for Peta and an entire packaging set for the band aKing. Check out some more of her work below.
[image title="cheetahlo_1" size="full" id="814" align="center" linkto="viewer" ] It's the week of the Latimer's as we feature another one of the brother-duo behind The Western Nostril. We here at 10 and 5 are just gobsmacked at the amazing work that these guys do. This post features the 2nd half of the duo - Patrick Latimer (we've previously featured Alex as well). [gallery] Read more about Patrick:
[image title="squidfight-big-wp" size="full" id="805" align="none" linkto="viewer" ] We featured The Western Nostril on Monday which Alex Latimer does with is brother Patrick. We're absolutely in love with the quirky designs Alex has done for his clients such as Mens Health, Good Taste, Shape, etc. His own site has more of his work, and we sincerely hope to feature more of his stuff on 10and5. [gallery]
[image title="02608mindreaders" size="full" id="770" align="center" linkto="viewer" ] The Western Nostril has had me in absolute stitches. We're featuring Between 5 and 10 pieces of Alex and Patrick Latimer's work here. Read more about The Western Nostril on their site. Check out more of their work after the link. They've also recently published a book that you can get on their site as well.
[image title="business_card_01" size="full" id="703" align="center" linkto="viewer" ] Dominique Abrahams from CPUT is an illustrator who likes to live by the motto - Simple is More. We feature some of her illustration work. [gallery]

[image title="cup_of_copy" size="full" id="689" align="center" linkto="viewer" ] Caterina Toffoli is a graphic designer at CPUT. Featured here is some of the work she's done during her stint at the varsity. She focuses on Corporate ID and Advertising. Featured above is a work called Cup of Copy...

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