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Bad Paper, founded in 2016, creates a space for artists where their work can reach its full potential through publications or specific editions. Founders, Ben Johnson (book/graphic designer) and Rodan Kane Hart (visual artist), created Bad Paper to provide an alternative to the gallery system by using...

Since graduating from Open Window last year with a Honours Degree in Visual Communication, Pretoria based designer, Reghardt Grobbelaar has been working as a freelancer....

Mr Delivery SA has recently been rebranded, replacing the chef icon with a more modern symbol. One of our readers noticed the same device being used in the Ad:Dynamo logo and sent both logos in. ...

We're digging the texture on the stamp that FRESH01 designed for himself. Drop your feedback in the comments. Originally via Flickr....

I've been a bit of a sucker for nice mountain bikes, and have looked fondly to local frame manufacturers Morewood to see what they get up to. Having decided that their old logo needed a bit of a spruce us, Sploosh Digital were commissioned to create the new logotype and look... and this is what they came up with.
The original logotype, designed by Trevor Swart about 8 years previously, was looking dated. The new brand needed to reflect the changes that are going on at Morewood Bikes, without making a complete departure and alienating their existing fan-base. The studio worked on the project collaboratively over the period of a few months, first refining the logotype, and then tackling the mark – which is without a doubt the most challenging hurdle of any rebranding project. Let them know what you think.
Via African Digital Art Have you recently done any logo types or branding and identity work? Send it in to us!
BOB's Your Uncle - wine in a beer bottle (front) The newest logo and package design by Fanakalo is for something truly unique - Wine in a beer bottle! The product is a Boer & Brit wine, perfect for picnics, people who don't want to drink an entire bottle of wine in a restaurant, or just perfect for drinking straight from the bottle. Sold in South Africa for 20 Bob.

The new Cape Town Stadium logo was designed by Kate Butcher at Net#work BBDO. The very same Kate from 10and5's Butcher's Friday Cut. Follow the link to read about the criteria for the logo....

Work by Life is Awesome Life is Awesome hails from the far land of Stellenbosch.  Between majestic mountains, a shady patch of moss birthed a graphic design collaboration some time ago. Life is Awesome has been around since  Attila the Hun died of a nose bleed (caused by eating too much Danish blue cheese). You can even spot us in the backgrounds of some classical paintings pulling gangster poses. In other words, we have been around for ever. Breathing life into design and corporate companies is our particular speciality.  We offer services extending from very convincing corporate ids to sleek websites and outstanding print design. We also happen to make some serious sandwiches and potent coffee. And you're always invited. For more info visit our website
Tennant McKay for Shaw Communications Tennant McKay is a Johannesburg based multi-disciplinary design company, specialising  in visual communication and directing people’s ideas through design, regardless of media platform. These good people are passionate about creating smart, strategic and memorable work for their clients, consistently deliver relevant and engaging solutions, regardless of scale or budget. Boom. The work featured here is only a fraction of a campaign done for Shaw, a leading Canadian telecommunications company. Tennant McKay developed a commercial called ‘Kung Fu’, a 3D typographic narrative with 2D character animated sub-narrative. The story takes place in an abstract, flat colour and graphic world. For more of Tennant McKay's incredibly detailed and fantastic work:

Mingo Lamberi has a new website and logo - a clean line illustration piece designed by Simone Rayner Mingo Lamberti's new logo is inspired by a ring that Mingo Lamberti was given over 70 years ago by his wife, my grandmother. Although we took a bit...

Take a look at 30+ logos that have either originated in Africa, or in some way been inspired. Check it out over at African Digital Art.... Graphic artWe caught some of the great work produced by the multi-talented design studio Check out what they say about themselves, en then you take a closer look at their work. This stuff was grabbed off Anthony Dart's Behance profile:
Hello - and welcome, Ontwerp is a multi-disciplinary Design & Animation studio based in Johannesburg South Africa, founded by Designer / Director Anthony Dart. Ontwerp's philosophy places design at the forefront. Design is the emphasis. We perceive design as problem solving, we are obsessive with craft and detail, We believe in the formidable communication of images and type and their inherent narrative ability. Our interests extend to Art Direction, Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D Animation, Sound Design, Graphic Design for Print and Screen.
1stpage When Dima and Dimitrios decided to open their new hair boutique at the exclusive, five star Cellars Hohenort Hotel, they needed a stylish corporate identity that would reflect their unique hair design experience. Their initials, D and D, lent themselves to a nifty device that created the shape of a stylised pair of scissors. This logo, along with other hair-themed design elements, was then rolled out across the entire CI. The campaign was created by designer Charl Kruger and coprywriter Michael Pearson, with the help of their colleagues at Net#work BBDO Cape Town.
-6 I've been trying to get hold of these guys for a while now, and they've finally launched after a much anticipated wait. Check out for more details on this design studio out of Stellenbosch.
Fanakalo is a pidgin language in which two or more parties communicate over restrictive barriers in a descriptive manner. For example: a bat is a: 'pikanien fligh machine ka lo nightshift'. A zebra is: 'donkey ka lo football jersey'. And a piano: 'big black box. many teeth. you hit them they cry. you hit them they cry...'
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