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A new issue of DESIGN> Magazine is out. Catch it here on Issuu. DESIGN> is a subscription free online magazine based here in South Africa. We cover design in every discipline imaginable and like to think of the magazine as a place where where the worlds...

We were recently sent a press release to a new eZine just launched out of Johannesburg, see more details below.
The Alternative sports scene has really stepped up in the past few year, especially the trick progression in local as well as international FMX and BMX. There so many different combinations of tricks out there at the moment, not to mention the growing number of flip combo’s that requires the riders to re-act at such a pace that it becomes difficult to spot what trick combo or flip combo was performed. Single pictures are perfect for capturing specific moments in time and sequence pictures are great for slowing down trick and  flip combos. Over the last couple of seasons it has become clear that SX as well as MX all over the world has increased in competitiveness and intensity and for that reason it has become even more important to capture and showcase moments that disappear in a matter of milliseconds.
We here at want to create a new an innovative platform for showcasing not only rider abilities but more importantly the photographers’ ability to capture what most people miss. For this reason we open up a new electronic market segment in the alternative sports market. This is why we have decided to create an electronic magazine, which appears every 6-8 weeks with a range of great single images, sequence shots and relevant articles. All older issues will always be available through our archives. Photographers can either email us their images at or they can upload their images using our image upload tool which will be available at Between a couple of us, we pick out the best images that will be used in up and coming issues, maybe your image will be in the next issue of Project MX. Naturally there will be a lot of possibilities for the industry to arrest attention with interactive advertisements.
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THE SPACESTATION, South Africa’s leading digital media sales company, is an innovative partnership between, MIH Internet Africa and DSTV online, all members of the Naspers group. Replacing Sales, THE SPACESTATION provides advertisers and media planners with an enhanced, single point of access through which to increase the reach and effectiveness of their online and mobile marketing.
With the launch of this new company, they have launched a new site including a game to teach users of all the properties under their banner. The game has quite a nice styling although it's not the most tricky in the world. The basic concept is you have to travel between all the different advertising platforms (Woman24, News24 etc) using the Spacestation rocket before you run out of fuel. If you do run out of fuel you have to answer questions relating to the company to receive more. Definitely a nice way to teach users about their offerings. More images on click through.
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