What is this?

Studio H and Between 10 and 5 are proud to introduce Eat Your Walls, as part of the Digital Food Exchange. This concept forms part of a larger umbrella project that was borne out of a direct response to the need for new ways to connect, share and experience food together, while supporting independent food businesses and artists.
EAT YOUR WALLS is an initiative that looks to raise funds equally for restaurants and artists through visual feasts in the form of posters. In each episode an eatery will take a designer through all the steps of making one of their stand-out recipes. The designer uses that to create a recipe-inspired poster.

Each poster will come with a video recipe from the eatery and designers that premieres weekly.

Recipe and posters are downloadable for R50, or R350 for an A2 size delivered to your door.
Some collaborations have also produced other sets of limited edition products like stickers, monotypes etc.

You can PRE-ORDER for those collaborations that have not yet happened, signalling support to the designer and restaurant.

This project was inspired directly by the FamilyMeal project in New York.

Keen to get involved? Send us a mail on if you are a restaurant or designer that wants to take part.