Fresh Meat | The Between 10and5 creative graduate series

Fresh Meat is an annual series dedicated to platforming and showcasing the work of South Africa’s creative graduates across the fields of photography, design, copywriting, fashion, fine art, film and more.

Each year we shine a light on recent tertiary institution graduates from across the country in order to both celebrate young, creative work, and to help these graduates get a foot in the door or at the very least, help them start out their first working year on a good note.

We’ll be publishing an interview with a different graduate from a different creative field everyday for the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on this page, and if you see something you like, feel free to give it a share!

Fresh Meat: Michal Kruger

Fine arts graduate Michal Kruger uses rugby as a metaphor to explore white Afrikaner masculinity.

Fresh Meat: Richard Horne

From digital illustration and graphic design work, to contemporary street wear, Richard Horne’s student portfolio shows a great deal of variety.

Fresh Meat: Kevin Mbuyamba

Kevin Mbuyamba is a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. Take a look at his pop culture character illustrations and other original pieces here.

Fresh Meat: Lemishka Moodley

What initially began as an investigation of Tamil culture and tradition, became a powerful piece of performance art. Read our QnA with Wits Fine Art graduate, Lemishka Moodley.

Fresh Meat: Bianka Wessels

Vega graduate Bianka Wessels uses the duality and inherent humour in language as a way to create clean and communicative copy. See her work here.

Fresh Meat: Luke Ruiters

Luke Ruiters celebrates self-expression and gender fluidity through fashion. View his graduate collection here.

Fresh Meat: Nontokozo Tshabalala

Having graduated with an Honours in Communication Design, Nontokozo Tshabalala is determined to restructure the local design industry. See her work here.

Fresh Meat: Tyla Mason

Tyla Mason’s graduate work explored the commonalities of dreams and what they signify. Read our interview with the illustrator and see some of her work here.

Fresh Meat: Philippa Crooks

Academy of Design fashion graduate Philippa Crooks chats to us about creativity and the concept underpinning her first ever ready-to-wear collection.

Fresh Meat: Connor Smith

Vega Design school graduate Connor Smith communicates with wit and style. Peep his bold and dynamic portfolio and read our interview with the graduate here.

Fresh Meat: Peter Assenga

Art direction graduate Peter Assenga has a knack for humour and a strong belief in advertising yourself before you can advertise anything else. Read our interview with him here.

Fresh Meat: Kelsie Blake

Kelsie Blake is a graphic designer interested in exploring the portrayal of women in the media. Read through our interview with her and browse her expansive portfolio.

Fresh Meat: Tristan Chesselet

With his self-confessed ‘video game nostalgia’, Tristan Chesselet makes work that’s both engaging and informative. Read our interview with the graduate here.

Fresh Meat: Thulisizwe Mamba

Thulisizwe Mamba’s eye catching digital artworks aim towards promoting ‘a contemporary African aesthetic’. Find out more about the young illustrator here.