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Jaguar by Warren van Rensburg

Introducing: Traffic Magazine

Traffic Magazine, a new publication by creative agency Infiltrate Media, is a digital quarterly celebrating the art of the craftsman, the passion for vehicles and the related culture and lifestyle.

10 Years of Drawing by Jason Bronkhorst

10 Years of Drawing by Jason Bronkhorst

Along with Charl Malherbe, Jason Bronkhorst heads up Infiltrate Media, an independent creative studio based in Joburg. You’ll know their illustration work from the Sunday Times. As a personal project, Jason has begun to showcase the drawings, comics, watercolours and rough sketches he has done in his own time, online.

Title: The Critic Artist: Jason Bronkhorst Medium: Brush and ink, Pencil, Photoshop Published:

Infiltrate Media illustration

  Infiltrate Media are Jason Bronkhorst, Charl malherbe and Andrew van Rensburg. You probably see their bold and often satirical illustration work every weekend in the Sunday Times. Here is a small collection of the illustrations they’ve done for various publications.