People: Marlise Keith

Unmissable: Marlise Keith

Unmissable: Marlise Keith

We catch up with Marlise Keith and talk about the heads, lions, tigers and ducks that appear in the works featured here, which were all submitted at a Nando’s Artists Society hand in last week.

Eden, 2017. Marlise Keith and Tamlin Blake Studio. 6 X 2.5m. Nando’s Oxford.

Six mega-hot large-scale collaborative installations in Nando’s in 2017

Nando’s is known for putting their PERi-power behind Southern African art and design, using their restaurants worldwide to globally celebrate the wealth of incredible talent in our country, while making a difference to the lives of Southern African artists and designers with whom Nando’s loves to collaborate. 1) Nando’s Oxford, […]

Velcro on Sunburn

Featured: Surreal Mixed-Media Artworks by Marlise Keith

  Underneath the immediately colourful facade of Marlise Keith‘s work we find a darker, more complex narrative from an artist who “cannot create an artwork without remembering the morning’s newspaper headlines.” Working predominantly in acrylic ink, gesso, pencils, pen and collage; Marlise produces artworks that are surreal and layered with […]