Creative Couples

To celebrate creative coupling, we profile a few of our favourite romantic duos in an ongoing video and photo series. From young lovers to couples who have been together over the years, creatives share their modern love stories with us.

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Creative Women

Creative Women is an interview series we run every August. While celebrating women and their achievements is something that should, and on 10and5 is done throughout the year, we also like to take this yearly opportunity to spotlight exceptional women in creativity. Throughout this series we hear from women making an impact in their industry, be it through design, technology, art, fashion, food, music or media, in a bid to build a resource that inspires a new generation of women to start businesses, to make, and to lead. Among many others, we’ve spoken with a dim sum entrepreneur, a floral design duo, a rapper, a movie director, a leader in digital arts, advertising creative directors, and best-selling writers to learn about their careers, and from their experiences. In 2015 we’re hosting our first Creative Women conference on the 29th of August in Cape Town. Buy tickets!

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