Series: Social Contract

Ian Jepson for It Came from Jungle (Fiction)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

If you follow our Poster Picks then you know that I have a special love for old school looking DIY posters, therefore I cannot let any one of Dylan Rooibokkie’s posters sneak past without a high five.

Doktrine for Neon Nuns (Shivas Rock)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

  With Rocking the Daisies just behind us everything feels a bit quiet in Cape Town, except for the afterparty happening at The Assembly this weekend. Yet another Ian Jepson poster to stare at.   Doktrine breaks out the most awesome looking posters, just wish I would stumble onto them more often.   BrentBlack Studios made the […]

Louis Minnaar for Bittereinder and Ashtray Electric (The Assembly)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

  Our love for Louis Minnaar will never die, and seeing Bittereinder on my birthday will make this one quite special.   Simon Berndt keeps bringing out posters that are equal to the US Psych scene counterparts.   Bateleur and Holiday Murray are getting ready to tour and Ian Jepson […]