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  Let's Eat Grandpa Consumer Insight Agency We are no longer live in a world where brands are the only ones talking. Consumers have found their voice and are able to talk back. They are getting involved, having their say and motivating change. A division of Hello World Agency, Let’s Eat Grandpa Insights Agency’s job is to interpret, understand and convert consumer conversations into strategic insights.   
Tennant McKay for Shaw Communications Tennant McKay is a Johannesburg based multi-disciplinary design company, specialising  in visual communication and directing people’s ideas through design, regardless of media platform. These good people are passionate about creating smart, strategic and memorable work for their clients, consistently deliver relevant and engaging solutions, regardless of scale or budget. Boom. The work featured here is only a fraction of a campaign done for Shaw, a leading Canadian telecommunications company. Tennant McKay developed a commercial called ‘Kung Fu’, a 3D typographic narrative with 2D character animated sub-narrative. The story takes place in an abstract, flat colour and graphic world. For more of Tennant McKay's incredibly detailed and fantastic work:
Take Me Somewhere nice Take Me Somewhere Nice : A flyer designed by SaysWho for an event on a rooftop in Johannesburg. The brief was completely open. You may not have heard of the kids of SaysWho. They have not made a sex tape. They have not robbed any celebrity homes. They don't even have their own reality TV show. What SaysWho has going for it,  however, is a blooming business shared between three illustrators: Jarryd Kin, Lauren Schultz and Nicholas Christowitz.

We've just gotten word that King James has launched a new unit called +One. +One will be focused on word of mouth and social media. See the below excerpt from their press release. King James Group has created a dialogue marketing team to integrate social media,...

2009 AdReview Winners: Ad Agency of the Year: DDB South Africa Marketing Communications Group of 2009: The Jupiter Drawing Room & Partners Gauteng Agency of the Year: Ogilvy Johannesburg Marketing Services Company of the Year: Exp Advertising Person of the Year: Mike Schalit Radio Campaign of the Year: Ogilvy Johannesburg (KFC) Cape...

Between the 30th October and the 9th November Johannesburg is hosting JIMS (Johannesburg International Motor Show). GMSA will have a stand at the show – showing a range of GM vehicles as well as 9 concept and exotic cars. GMSA asked Stonewall to design a...

Two really stylishly created banners spotted on

Corsa has put a lot into the "Corsa picks Corsa people" concept. These banners where eye catching and fun and nicely executed within the original concept.

It's just massively unfortunate that they spelled "untill" incorrectly.

Any idea Who'dunnit? Let us know.

While the idea of is to showcase work from the local design industry, many times we see really well executed concepts with no way of knowing "who'dunnit". One such example is this Kit Kat banner that I spotted on Careers24 today. I really...

Cow Africa has recently made some changes to their balcony. You might remember the pallets from one of their previous floor design. They've now taken the previous designs outdoor and have installed some Astroturf grass to give it that awesome outdoor feel. I had the opportunity to take a phone call outside and promptly took liberty to lie down while chatting. I didn't want to get up! More pictures after the link.
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