In our series of office pics we're also showcasing some of the desk spaces our contributers and readers have. Today we're featuring Alex van Tonder, the creative group head at King James. We get some of the juicy scoops from her and we're very happy...

strawberry-steri-stumpie We have been so excited about receiving the latest campaign for South African favourite, Steri Stumpie, done by King James RSVP. We've included some work in progress pics for you to have a look at as well. Enjoy!
Following up on our post last week,  you must have been spotting a trend by now. Fridays are Follow Fridays - a meme where you post a couple of people whom you suggest following. This week our focus is on strategists. We're showcasing the people who put things together, who put the concept together and make it happen. We've also got some photographers, designers and even a magazine! If you'd like to keep up to date, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Twitter:
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