Yesterday Andrew Brauteseth grabbed his camera & 70-200mm lens, jumped on a boat and rode out into the biggest swell to hit Cape Town this winter....

Andrew Brauteseth known as ‘Guy With Camera’ has been featured on 10and5 many times before - the last being his short film entitled ‘The Rose'. This time around Andrew has given us a little teaser into a new project which he is working on....

'Guy With Camera', otherwise known as Andrew Brauteseth is a well established local photographer who does amazing work with a camera, and he has something new to show you....

Burberry This fashion story shot by Andrew Brauteseth is for Business Day's Wanted magazine. The editorial was published last Friday. Here is some background info: Wanted magazine is Business Day’s lifestyle supplement. It’s a hugely successful local luxury market magazine modeled in some ways after the London based Financial Times’ ‘How to Spend it’. It’s filled with insightful, witty, premium lifestyle journalism. In each of my fashion shoots I aim to do something very new and dramatic whether it’s shooting underwater or something very edgy and fashion forward. For this shoot I wanted it to be bold but almost more commercial, which means shooting in a style that could actually resemble a final ad campaign for one of the brands. I chose a story that explored the relationship between architecture and the structure and design of men’s formal wear. I was playing with ideas around a famous Coco Chanel quote, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” My aim was to interpret these ideas visually through uses of dramatic lighting, hard shadows, strong lines, perspectives and silhouettes while always keeping the focus on the quality and tailoring of the garments themselves. Other Credits: Stylist: Roger Mann Styling Assist: Dale Robinson
Buenos Aires 1 Andrew Brauteseth has just returned from a two week trip to Argentina and has brought back some beautiful photos that he took over there. This series is available as limited edition framed prints, if you're interested then send him an email at Or find him on facebook, twitter or follow his blog.
Editorial for Rooi Rose by Andrew Brauteseth Check out the lastest editorial work by Cape Town based (although judging by the amount of time he's spent up in Johannesburg it's difficult to say that) photographer Andrew Brauteseth. There is also a behind the scenes story on the blog Guy With Camera. More pics after the jump
Frazer Parfum is a perfume house based in Cape Town which has recently inaugurated two retail outlets in Europe; one at Harrods in London and another in Amsterdam. Frazer Parfum also retails from Anthropology in the US from January. They currently have a pop-up experience store in Cape Town on 125 Waterkant Street until February (opposite Andiamo's).
Andrew Brauteseth shot singer Lindiwe Suttle for the new campaign. Check out some more pics on his own website, or on the Facebook Fanpage.
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