Atrwork Genie by Bia van Deventer Artwork Genie: Bia was asked to design the pop up book homepage for London based Artwork Genie. They create artworks for advertising and represent a artists from all arenas. As someone that thrives on diversity, graphic designer Bia van Deventer enjoys to work in as many mediums and styles as possible, to keep her interest high and the challenge constant.
Renee Rosouw's illustrations on between 10 and 5 Renee Rossouw completed a Masters in Architecture at the University of Cape Town in 2009  and is currently doing a Masters in Product Design in Madrid. Renee spends her spare time playing around with illustration work; these usually accompany a project that she is working on. Other times it just aims to document an event, space or idea. She is inspired by world cities and cultures, from extra large buildings to small tile details. She is also fascinated by the use of colour. Read Renee's Blog here: View a stop animation done by Renee here at
Hendrick Gericke for Australian Design Conference Semi-Permanent Hendrik is a self-taught artist currently living in Cape Town. Scribbling his thoughts on anything he could find throughout his childhood, he decided to commit himself to making a living doing just that. At the age of fourteen, he began the long road to developing his skill and mastering his ambitions.

Luma Animation recently created a new series that will soon be displaying on SABC 3. Bun&Bunee started as a single animated short, but has since evolved into something far greater. The idea was to simply have fun with the most basic of character designs, and to...

[image title="002perfect_mix" size="full" id="639" align="center" linkto="viewer" ] The cadets at Space Patrol Car have been working late through the nights to bring you The Perfect Mix: a game that puts you behind the bar. The challenge is to pour the perfect Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic to put you inline to win a hamper filled with premium goodies each day. But you need to be sharp – adding too much will only cause spillage and adding too little .. well that’s your problem. Get mixing at here. [gallery]
Between 10 and 5