I recently found the new Nando's website and was quite disappointed. For many years Nando's has been a progressive and ground breaking brand that pushes the boundaries. It seems that online they are still lacking some strong strategy and conceptual continuation of their offline strengths. Just following through on the brand elements doesn't constitute a strong brand experience online. Their new site has an overcomplicated navigation system (with very weird flash hit areas which means sometimes you can't open the navigation at all), and way too much animation on each page. This means that every time you are going from section to section you need to sit through a very irritating loading bar. The interface is confusing and there is no consistency in the User Experience Design with regards to sub navigation. Much too easy to get lost on the pages. Another small problem is that if you go to http://nandos.co.za it doesn't auto redirect you, and you land on an annoying brand page of their hosting provider, a bad oversight indeed. The Fan Club section doesn't open at all. Some of the other sections had server time outs.  All these small missed items shows some lack of digital knowledge and understanding when this site was created. Online is not just an extension of your offline campaigns, the key difference is that with online you are not just creating a brand message but a user experience. The new Nando's website is just not very hot. What are your thoughts? More images below the fold.
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