Stonewall+ created these rich media banners. The idea was to create top of mind awareness for the Dial a Nerd brand in the online space using Rich Media. They came up with three Rich Media concepts to inform the target audience that Dial a Nerd not...

Two really stylishly created banners spotted on

Corsa has put a lot into the "Corsa picks Corsa people" concept. These banners where eye catching and fun and nicely executed within the original concept.

It's just massively unfortunate that they spelled "untill" incorrectly.

Any idea Who'dunnit? Let us know.

While the idea of is to showcase work from the local design industry, many times we see really well executed concepts with no way of knowing "who'dunnit". One such example is this Kit Kat banner that I spotted on Careers24 today. I really...

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