Logo We featured Bun&Bunee a while ago, and now it is finally ready to be released to the world. The first episode will be aired this Saturday just before the 7pm news on SABC3. Make sure you don't miss it. The series is produced by Luma Animation. Excerpt from the press release:
If you have the stomach for it, you will see some of the most awe-inspiring wrestling moves these mind numbing professionals have to offer! WWB&BF is Bun&Bunee’s favourite TV show, and if you dare to watch this Saturday, 16 January 2010, you’ll see why! (Warning: May contain super squishy violence and may not be suitable for the logical)
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Luma Animation recently created a new series that will soon be displaying on SABC 3. Bun&Bunee started as a single animated short, but has since evolved into something far greater. The idea was to simply have fun with the most basic of character designs, and to...

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