Inside Madonna's head This campaign by Ogilvy Johannesburg won a bronze at this year's Cannes Lions advertising festival. The ad promotes Exclusive Books' biography section by letting people peak into the heads of celebrities. Description: The peephole poster boxes were used as front of store window posters to entice passersby to interact with them and as a result, come into the store to delve through the biography section. The posters of famous and infamous people invited people to take a peek into their minds through a peephole on the poster. When the viewer took a look inside they experienced a beautiful 3D set depicting the inner workings of the mind of the person whose picture adorned the box. Creative team Chief Creative Officer: Fran Luckin Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin Creative Director: Mike Martin/Bridget Johnson Copywriter: David Kreuger Advertiser's Supervisor: Fred Withers Account Supervisor: Caree Ferrari Producer: Greg Pentopolous -Oaktree Studio Art Buyer: Shirley Wagner Art Director: Mike Martin/Ian Broekhuizen Illustrator: Flip Hutton/Jo Dal/London Models Photographer: Pierre Peters Typographer: Mike Martin/Ian Broekhuizen
Jen and Cuan in Cannes Jennifer Macfarlane and Cuan Cronwright, the creative team behind Goodbye Citi and the latest Dentyne campaign, are visiting Cannes for an Ogilvy Worldwide conference and to attend the Cannes Lions Advertising festival. This Ogilvy Cape Town team are living the dream and blogging about it so we can all share in the experience (well, virtually anyway). Follow their blog, The Adventures of Jen and Cuan in Cannes, here. Or follow Jen on twitter to read about nights in Antibes and brainstorming sessions in a French villa. Try not to hate them too much. Who said advertising didn't come with perks?
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