Nike Cape Burg Launch event Yeah so we're a bit slow on this one, seeing as the event happened a good couple of weeks ago, but it's still worth punting it out there. We headed off the the Nike Cape/Burg launch on rainy night, checked out some of the art and clothes and listened to some really good music. The Nike Cape/Burg initiative is a collaboration between Nike and a number of local artists and creatives - taking the concept of running through the city and portraying it in their own specific way. All the work is published into a single, large format booklet. We Are Awesome was also there to take a couple of photos. Read the rest of the bits down below:
In 1987 when Tinker Hatfield famously cut a hole in the side of the Air Max 1 exposing Nike Air, he wasn’t to know that this small act would cause a global revolution. An icon of innovation, the Air Max 1 is the hardest working running shoe ever, having logged more miles than Alberto Salazaar and Mary-Decker-Slaney combined. Other shoes get a little intimidated because this shoe is a big deal. It craves pavements, cement and asphalt and will not be stopped. 30 years later, the Air Max 1 spirit lives on, as Nike re-crafts this iconic shoe in the form of the Air Maxim 1, taking a classic shoe and applying new technologies to create a revolution all over again. Join our ten South African Revolutionaries as they carry the spirit of the Air Max 1 forward in their work and their life, and the lead the charge into Cape/Burg.
Between 10 and 5