Marcii Goose for Art SA Marcii Goosen is an artist, designer and interior monkey. Her art and design-making practice spans, diversely, over visual essays on fabric and paper, crafting intricate objects, through to producing extensive graphic stills and filmic installation projects. She has most recently been involved in the creation of the adidas Originals Three Stories event as well as the Spier Contemporary 2010. She is also part of the Papergirl exhibition, and will be traveling to Berlin for the Papergirl international meeting next month. Marcii remains captivated with observing and creating opaque codes through public and private praxis. With her involvement in projects such as Papergirl, she's proving that she has her fist firmly pressed against the cultural heartbeat. The work featured here was commissioned by Art South Africa. The brief was to create a window for their new magazine shop in Woodstock, Cape Town. Find more on Marcii at or contact her
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