A new campaign by King James for Johnnie Walker introduces an interactive online whisky profiler guiding users, with the help of Executive Chef David Higgs, to discover their taste profile and identify their perfect match....

tasha baxter COVER Astronaut Remember Jana + Koos? Most recently they've been working with friend and SA singer Tasha Baxter on launching her new single, Ebb & Flow, inspired by the lunar mare. Jana + Koos are responsible for the album artwork and the very clever launch concept. On Monday night they got an astronaut to deliver Tasha's new singles to radio stations. Here's a clip from DJ Fresh's show when he received the astronaut-delivered package. www.janaandkoos.com
1 in 100 000 This is a campaign for The Sunflower Fund by The Jupiter Drawing Room and Clickthinking. The Sunflower Fund is an organisation which was founded in 1999 by parents of children with leukaemia, to try and get financial support and raise the number of bone marrow stem cell donors in South Africa. The 1 in 100 000 Challenge was conceptualised as a build up to National Bandana Day on 12 October 2010. The campaign, designed by Jupiter Drawing Room, demonstrates the harsh odds that only one in every 100 000 people suffering from leukaemia will find a bone marrow stem cell match.
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