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Camilla Grobler's drawings Camilla Grobler is a Durban girl. She studied a three-year diploma in Graphic Design at Durban University of Technology, then went on to work at Durban advertising agency Modern Museum, where she has been for almost two years. Camilla loves all things GIRL, so in her spare time you will find her baking cakes, decorating, collecting, embellishing, shopping, or drawing! She is obsessed with pattern, detail, and texture in her work. This is why Camilla finds herself using pencil most of the time, enabling her to explore softness and hardness of texture and stroke.
Renee Rosouw's illustrations on between 10 and 5 Renee Rossouw completed a Masters in Architecture at the University of Cape Town in 2009  and is currently doing a Masters in Product Design in Madrid. Renee spends her spare time playing around with illustration work; these usually accompany a project that she is working on. Other times it just aims to document an event, space or idea. She is inspired by world cities and cultures, from extra large buildings to small tile details. She is also fascinated by the use of colour. Read Renee's Blog here: View a stop animation done by Renee here at
Between 10 and 5