It's time for another What We Are Going To Be Doing This Sunday and Gil Hockman is the man responsible for the poster. Bright colours are exactly what you can expect at this event....

Another week, another set of posters.  Shuffleshame, Fire Through the Window and The La Els to name a few bands, and work done by Jarryd Kin, Hruki, Adam Klein, Eaton Crous and Stathi Kougianos. Posters curated by Social Contract.
Eaton Crous 500mills Homegrown flyer design Eaton Crous is the man behind the legendary Homegrown flyers - I remember picking up the first one and going "Damn that's a tight idea". Apart from running pretty much all the visual stuff for the Drum & Bass outfit Counterstrike, he's also done numerous other ads, amongst them the MK one's that you've seen screening. Check out his latest work below, and also his Behance portfolio.
Between 10 and 5