T.I.T.E.S. brings the cutting edge of themed Electro Punk to a crowd that has been starved of a good dance for far too long. These bi-monthly parties reinvent the rave, incorporating elements of electronic music and video art hosted in eclectic spaces. Presented by HAEZER producer and DJ, these T.I.T.E.S. events make the electro scene more accessible, focusing on only the highest caliber of electro DJ's, to the likes of HAEZER, DJ Lapse, Phil Kramer (Battle beyond the Stars), Alex, The Sound, Codec and Birdlife DJ's. Artdirected and designed by Hanno van Zyl and Arno Krüger with development done by Shapeshift Interactive - the T.I.T.E.S look and feel was created by visually mixing electro with punk. When development started on the web interface, the focus was on creating a simple accessible interface which would instantly communicate a look that would be connected to electronic music, using pixilated bitmaps and referencing outdated computer interfaces. By animating various glitch and distortion filters or just "mashing it up" the punk look was added. In using an XML database with Flash, it is now possible to dynamically update the allready compiled flash file with new mp3's, photos and video content as T.I.T.E.S continue. The result adds to the idea of no holds barred electro, which fragments, unifies and collages multiple genres of music into an stupefyingly monumental dance experience. The second edition of  T.I.T.E.S is to be held at Assembly, Cape Town the 27th of february so book your tickets before it gets sold out.
Between 10 and 5