Elmarie Lategan + Jeanne Hugo exhibition flyer You are cordially invited to attend the opening evening of the following art exhibition: 'Kortverhale' is the first collaborative exhibition by Cape Town painters Jeanne Hugo and Elmarie Lategan. Lategan has had great success with previous exhibitions at the AVA, Winchester mansions, Art.B and Gerhard Cloete galleries. Hugo has worked with performance, photographic and illustrative art but recently chose oil paint as her drug of choice. Both Lategan and Hugo are Stellenbosch Fine Art graduates.
moral-guilt These are the latest work pieces we've received from fine artist Elmarie Lategan. Below you can find an artist statement about the latest work. We're not entirely sure when the work will be exhibited, but we'll be sure to keep you guys in the loop.
The way I see it your freedom of expression and available resources are the paraphernalia you need to produce work. I simply subtract and portray my life as being lived each moment in an emotive sometimes subjective way. Anything and everything can be my inspiration to a new idea and artistic concept.
Elmarie Lategan is an artist who does painting using photography and light. A comprehensive list of work is available on her site, and she also sells most of her work through an online store. See more pics after the link.
Between 10 and 5