HCxCPB 1 A unique gift package made by HelloComputer (www.hellocomputer.com) that was sent to Crispin Porter & Bogusky (http://www.cpbgroup.com/) as a gesture of goodwill after the completion of the Bcycle Project. A plush version of HelloComputer's mascot, "Hal" was taken to various destinations around Cape Town and photographed with his visiting friend, "Al" (After Alex Bogusky of Crispin Porter & Bogusky). In the hardcover book that is supplied in the package, a photographic journey takes Hal and Al from the Airport to the stadiums, and from Cape Town's best burger joints to it's most respected Tattoo parlors. HelloComputer also put together an online gallery (www.hellocomputer.com/halandal) so you can check out some of the pictures included in the book. With design, art direction and illustration by HelloComputer, the plush toy Hal was created by the fabulously talented Danielle Clough (We love Eskies!). We’re sure that this package will grab the attention of HelloComputer's new found friends, one of USA's most successful advertising firms, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. To read more about the Bcycle project, click here (www.bcycle.com)
Eski plush toys The first Eski was a mere drawing before it's creators, Nikita Da Silva and Danielle Clough had the idea to turn him into a full colour, tangible, soft and fuzzy plush toy. Since then Eskies have come in all different shapes, colours, sizes and fabrics, each with a unique physique and fashion sense. Today, Eskies are made on a commission basis, you can contact Danielle at danielle.clough@gmail.com or Nikita at nixudda@hotmail.com. Designing and making rad plush toys isn't all they do, take a look at Danielle's tumblr here. And Nikita's here. Or click through to meet more Eskies. Visit their facebook page here.
Between 10 and 5