Digital marketing agency Stickmen was asked to create an online space for Riebeek Cellars, situated in the artistic town, Riebeek Kasteel. ...

With excitement getting close to boiling point and bags/camping gear/plane tickets being put next to your door, ready for Oppikoppi, we thought we should also feature the posters that went into this year's campaign....

The Epic of Everlasting Exhibition Tour by Fanakalo Fanakalo Visual Communications have been busy working on an interesting project. We had a look: South African wine corporate KWV have decided to share their love of art, by staging a massive tour around our country. They'll be visiting 8 destinations starting in Stellenbosch next week (7 - 21st April). The Everlasting Tour will showcase KWV's continued association with the arts by exhibiting some of South Africa’s most revered artists, such as Cecil Skotnes.
BOB's Your Uncle - wine in a beer bottle (front) The newest logo and package design by Fanakalo is for something truly unique - Wine in a beer bottle! The product is a Boer & Brit wine, perfect for picnics, people who don't want to drink an entire bottle of wine in a restaurant, or just perfect for drinking straight from the bottle. Sold in South Africa for 20 Bob.
BOER & BRITThese Boer And Brit wine labels were produced by Stellenbosch design studio, Fanakalo.
The winemakers happened to both have an extremely rich historical connection and studied together by complete coincidence. We then created this label for them that already has 2 cultivars.
Zinkplaat Album cover for Zinkplaat by Fanakalo Latest work from the guys over at Fanakalo. The concept is a CD cover that you can scratch-off to reveal the design underneath
Zinkplaat is an Afrikaans pop-rock-blues-fusion band from South Africa. The name Zinkplaat is the Afrikaans word for corrugated metal. This, their fourth album comes shrink-wrapped with a scratch-off ink layer on the front and back, as well as a guitar pick to scratch the ink off with. The album’s name ‘Mooi Besoedeling’ translates to ‘Beautiful Polution’.
-6 I've been trying to get hold of these guys for a while now, and they've finally launched after a much anticipated wait. Check out for more details on this design studio out of Stellenbosch.
Fanakalo is a pidgin language in which two or more parties communicate over restrictive barriers in a descriptive manner. For example: a bat is a: 'pikanien fligh machine ka lo nightshift'. A zebra is: 'donkey ka lo football jersey'. And a piano: 'big black box. many teeth. you hit them they cry. you hit them they cry...'
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