witwatersrand-university-boomwitwatersrand-university-box-boy Saatchi & Saatchi produced these two digital campaigns for Wits University. Check out more details after the link.   Screensavers: The Thinking: Most school leavers intend studying after high school. However, they often don’t. Firstly, because they’re not sure what they want to do. Secondly, because they lose ambition or fall into a mindset that they don’t need a degree to be successful. The truth is, those with degrees can open doors others can’t. The Solution We loaded screensavers onto computers in high school computer rooms. The viewers see from the first person, the carrying out of a dull, boring job that calls for little or no mental stimulation – the type of job that may one day be a reality unless they get a degree.    
Between 10 and 5