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The latest radio ad from the creative team at FoxP2 calls Steve from Bleep Bank to offer him life insurance from

This tactical banner, in response to the Japanese fishing trawler that ran aground on Clifton 1st beach on Saturday, is for life investment company FRANK.NET and was found on News24....

Staying true to life insurance company's straight-talking, ‘you die we pay’ approach, their agency FoxP2 have been producing some say-it-like-it-is tactical ads regarding the Rugby World Cup....

This morning was the launch of, a new direct insurance firm. They launched with a mad stunt of a tightrope walker walking in some really bad winds in Cape Town while a chopper flew overhead with a banner saying "If he dies, we'll pay." We didn't manage to get any pics of the daredevil in action so please send in if you've got a good one. has vowed to be the direct insurance firm, that talks direct in their communication. UPDATE: [youtube][/youtube]
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