Cameron Barnes, a Cape Town-based furniture maker designs tables and chairs with a story. Where the materials come from and who has used it goes into creating pieces that are unique and have history....

Swing past Co-Op this Thursday for Joe Paine's solo exhibition. Featuring some of his latest work that explores inside and outside spaces. Co-Op is in Juta street in Braamfontein, just View more products by Joe Paine. Visit the event on Facebook....


Design Studio Isle of Trees has started a range of furniture aimed at artists who are looking for space, style and flexibility with an eco-friendly slant. The range is brought out under the Factree division, and on order you can get trestle tables, benches and bookracks. The furniture is produced from a single sheet of wood, making sure that there is no wastage. The tables and tops can also be printed on to, making each table unique.
We're featuring the first prototype range which doesn't have any prints or design on, only nice bright colours.
For orders, contact Ian:

IMG_0410 A new furniture shop opened in Woodstock called VAMP:
Worshipers of fine design from decades past and admirers of ingenuity are joining the crowds visiting VAMP, the recently opened interior shop, celebrating stylish furniture, décor and homeware products sensitively revamped with contrast and colour. VAMP is located in the old St Mary’s School, Corner of Treaty Street and Albert Road, Woodstock. Original items of furniture, large and small, ranging from art deco and retro to Scandinavian inspiration have been carefully sourced from all times and places and have then been perfectly restored and customised, on-site in the workshop, with profound technical confidence and a colour-burst of creativity. The VAMP visionaries are Michael Dodds and Paula van Niekerk. Michael has years of experience at Wood Design and his respect for the techniques of the different eras dovetails with Paula’s creative flair. Paula, previously owner of Sublime Events, fine-tuned her skills coordinating bespoke décor for a wide variety of sensational events.
More pics of the furniture after the jump.
Isle of trees - Loeries portfolio pieceIan Kelnyk is a graphic designer/multi talent imagineer based in Cape Town working under the company title I Love Trees - sometimes spelled Isle of Trees as well. I Love Trees also has a couple of other "branches" - including logo and graphic design, interior decorating (TreeHaus), furniture and objects (Factree), clothing (Paper Cuts) and more. Some of his work has been for the Old Biscuit Mill, including the website as well as vehicle branding, featured above is the City of Cape Town bid booklet for the Loeries hosting that I Love Trees designed. Check out some more of his stuff after the jump.
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