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Liquid Fridge 'ard event The Pan African Space Station and Liquid Fridge present 'ARD-16, Liquid Fridge's sixteenth event of crazed sound and light. Once again, hardened members of the 'ardkore sonic attack squad join eager new recruits for a sweet sixteen to remember. A night to delight and disturb with acoustic-deep-dub-electro-jazz-bass-tech-hop, ample bleeps, sweeps and the odd crooner classic. Check out more details on the Liquid Fridge site, or click through for the event details.
herotwitter Yeah Twitter is finally hitting the mainstream, if you've been active for a couple of months I'm sure you would have spotted the bump in follows this past month (it's even being mentioned in newspaper articles!). If you're new to Twitter we've narrowed down a list of some people you can follow to spice up your design day, they are all South Africans who are either designers themselves, or work in the creative industry. If you are also in the creative industry, be sure to follow us (we'll follow ya back) over here:
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