Untitled-6 The Bookmarks 2009 has recently launched their latest site for the 2009 Awards Ceremony. The Bookmarks is known as the digital version of Loeries and focuses strongly on digital execution and ROI rather then pure creative. This years Awards ceremony will be held in Johannesburg, although the final venue will still be confirmed. Entries to the Awards will open on the 14th of August. Judges for this event has been confirmed: Fernando Romano (Global Creative Director for Digital and Experiential at Euro RSCG), Chris Colburn (Chief Experiential Office at R/GA New York), Pete Case (CEO of Gloo), JP Farihna (CEO of 24.com), Rob Stokes (CEO of Quirk). The Be Big In Digital logo was designed by Hello Computer, the site was styled and built by Stonewall+, with conceptual work being done by Lowe Bull. More images below the fold.

  If you've got an ego so large that even a big fat raise, your boss's job and a supermodel won't satiate, then The Loerie Awards has created just the site for you. In line with this year's campaign missive to Feed Your Ego, the folks at...

Hello Computer Office Photos We're starting a new feature on Between 10 and 5 called Office Photo's where we feature office photo's of all the contributors to the site. There are a couple of other sites doing similar stuff, most notably Officesnapshots.com and more locally Bandwidth Blog as well. The photo's you'll see here will only be related to creative industry offices, plus we'll throw in the odd freelancer here and there. Today we're featuring office photos from Hello Computer, a digital agency in Cape Town. We've featured quite a number of their work before, now you get to see what their offices look like.
003 HelloComputer is responsible for some pretty tight work lately. We're showing off the site they've done for House Of Coffees. Check out the main work behind this link here. Or click through this post for some more screen shots.

HelloComputer recently completed the Feed Your Ego microsite to create some pre-launch buzz for the Loeries. The site introduces you to the theme of this year’s awards by allowing you to play a game that involves “feeding your Ego”. The leader board shows you who, and which agency, is at the top of the rankings and the top 100 users are given the chance to put up their hands and get involved in the next level of the campaign before anybody else does (the best ego booster available – exclusivity). There is a grand prize up for grabs as well and the biggest ego that emerges from the battle will win it. The prize is an ego boosting luxury packed weekend of indulgence in Cape Town, including accommodation for this year’s proceedings. So if you’re coming from inland, great and if you’re already in Cape Town, at least you won’t have to trash your own place after the party. Check it out at: http://www.feedyourego.co.za/. Our high score is up there somewhere as well. We didn't do too well...

promotions-11 Jack Daniels together with Ikineo recently launched a new online campaign allowing you to bid for products on auction. Together with bringing Jack on the road this was a huge success for Jack Daniels and Ikineo. The site was put together in terms of planning, design and development by Hello Computer. The website is easily accessibly, user friendly and structured. The design and layout of the site gives you the feel of elegence, the Jack Daniels way. It's personalised and allows you to backtrack your previous bids aswell as having a look at past auctions. You can earn Jack Daniel’s Dollars by registering on the Jack Daniels Auction House website and then follow easy steps such as login to the website, buy a drink at a promotion, buy a bottle of Jack Daniels, open an email, click through a mini site, enter an online competition, refer a friend, complete a survey, reply to an sms or even just updating you details on the Jack Daniel's Auction House site. You start of with a balance of 20JD$ to get the auction started.
[image title="What on Earth" size="full" id="738" align="center" alt="What on Earth" linkto="viewer" ] I was browsing around some of my favourite sites and came across this gem, Savanna What On Earth. 5FM and Savanna have come together to run a competition where users can win R 25 000 each day. A extremely nicely designed flash site using Papervision. Papervision is something that hasn't yet been high on the uptake in South African agencies, so it's great to see a site using the technology available to add that extra bit of bling to a site that in essence is nothing more then a small competition microsite. The big question here is who'dunnit? I have asked around my agency connections and have a fair idea of the production company that created this but can you confirm my suspicions? Any ideas? Click more to see the gallery. UPDATE: Props to Hellocomputer for the design of the site. Thanks to all for the internet sleuthing and solving this Who'dunnit!

The Bookmarks Awards

As most might know the first annual Bookmarks awards took place last week. While some drama revolved around the event, overall I think it was a step in the right direction. The Bookmarks is exactly what we at 10 and 5 want, another medium to see the quality of work out there. To see what other digital companies in South Africa are currently doing and who is pushing the boundaries of what has been done thus far. Congrats to all involved! We would also like to know your thoughts on this Awards Ceremony and if you think it has a future. Click here to listen to what Adrian Hewlett, chairman of the Online Publishers Association (OPA) has to say about it. Click more to see a list of winners:
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