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Peperami has just launched a new “it’s a bit of an animal” advert to British TV viewers. The ad features the memorable self-cannibalising “animal”, from earlier Peperami ads, but now it has equally wild kids - “they’re bits of an animal”. Having recently split with Lowe, their agency of 15 years, Peperami opted to source the creative idea for this ad, not from an agency, but from the “people”. The latest ad was conceived and scripted by Rowland Davies, an ex-creative director from Germany who submitted his idea with Kevin Baldwin, a copywriter from London. Their joint effort beat 1,185 entries and won the $10,000 prize facilitated by crowdsourcing platform, Idea Bounty
Dan Neville of Idea Bounty IDEA BOUNTY’s Dan Neville on the Innovation Conference 2010 JHB On the 21st and 22nd of July, the Hilton Hotel in Sandton will host delegates at the Innovation Conference 2010. Dan Neville will be presenting IDEA BOUNTY and the concept of crowd sourcing before the delegates as a South African success story in innovation. This is a Q&A with him. 1. Why is the conference called "The Burning Platform"? The conference is focused on innovation and showcasing how business can increase everything from productivity to creativity and staff morale through innovation. The title, 'The Burning Platform' speaks to the fact that we have recently gone through a hard time with the global recession, and this has meant that businesses have had to pull in the forces and cut costs. Most businesses are having a difficult time addressing their need to innovate right now. There is nevertheless a need, now more than ever, for business to create a 'burning platform for innovation' in other words there needs to be a high-level desire to innovate as a business in order to survive.
There is a new brief out on the Idea Bounty site and this time it's for Capitec. The prize brief is worth $5,000 - a tidy sum when all is required is a concept for a print and online banner ad. They say:
Recently Capitec Bank was named one of the ‘Great Brands of Tomorrow” by the Swiss financial institute Credit Suisse. Not only is Capitec Bank one of 27 brands globally that made it onto this list but it is the only African brand. The inclusion of Capitec Bank is also significant as it shows that hardly ten years into existence they are a major player in the South African market which up to this point in time has been dominated by the four traditional South African banks. In order to leverage Capitec Bank’s inclusion in the list of the great brands of tomorrow we are looking for a concept for both a print and an online banner ad that will announce to the world that Capitec Bank is one of tomorrow's great brands and the only one to come from Africa. These concepts will be put into production on Friday the 19th of March and the ads will run in the next fortnight so time is of the essence!!!
We say, check out the objectives after the jump, or visit the Idea Bounty site for more info.

After much anticipation Idea Bounty finally picked a winning solution for the recent Peperami Brief – and with the amount (1185 ideas to be exact) and quality of the entries, not only one - but two winning ideas were chosen. And the lucky winners are: ...

The guys over at Idea Bounty have a pretty good interview with the designer Kevin Parry who runs a boutique agency called In the Beginning. We couldn't find any links to his own site, but read on for more of his thoughts. Tell us a bit more...

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