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BMW Interactive Projection by iLogic

BMW Interactive Projection by iLogic

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6dUjnuefF8&context=C3bae1c1ADOEgsToPDskKLKFAGca1wW2w7uE5VhDmu[/youtube] Advertising the new BMW 1 Series, iLogic allowed consumers to engage with the brand in a new, exciting way. Keeping in mind that unmatched innovation is always part of the BMW driving experience, iLogic developed Interactive Video Projections. Full activation on the ground took place over eight nights in […]

Stonewall+ Interactive Press Release

To help promote the release of the new Stonewall+ website, Stonewall+ created an interactive press release. The press release directed the copy at the reader – a first-person dialogue that implied a conversation rather than the expected broad-stroke narrative of standard press releases. The Tribute website celebrates ‘The Click’ – […]

Jobs: Senior Interactive Designer

Senior / Lead Flash Actionscripter Stonewall+ is looking for an experienced and highly-skilled Flash Developer and ActionScript Programmer to join their Cape Town office in order to manage and grow a talented team of Flash Developers. The position requires a strong leader with a passion for innovation and experimentation. The […]