Clint Bryce as a youngster Our feature of the day is most certainly our interview with one of the most respected men I've ever met in the digital space. Clint Bryce is the head honcho at Space Patrol Car, a division of He's also paid his dues at some of the earliest and most pioneering studios in South Africa. We got him to answer some questions about hiring creative talent in South Africa, the role that agencies play and also that whole thing with the Windhoek banners on the News24 election site. He also waxes lyrical about that curse... the banner ad. But let's get him to answer the questions.
herotwitter Yeah Twitter is finally hitting the mainstream, if you've been active for a couple of months I'm sure you would have spotted the bump in follows this past month (it's even being mentioned in newspaper articles!). If you're new to Twitter we've narrowed down a list of some people you can follow to spice up your design day, they are all South Africans who are either designers themselves, or work in the creative industry. If you are also in the creative industry, be sure to follow us (we'll follow ya back) over here:
[image title="002perfect_mix" size="full" id="639" align="center" linkto="viewer" ] The cadets at Space Patrol Car have been working late through the nights to bring you The Perfect Mix: a game that puts you behind the bar. The challenge is to pour the perfect Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic to put you inline to win a hamper filled with premium goodies each day. But you need to be sharp – adding too much will only cause spillage and adding too little .. well that’s your problem. Get mixing at here. [gallery]
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