global moguls home page This ambitious and exciting campaign is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Phillip and Jade Carlisle. They came up with the idea of Global Moguls after working on Blast Beat - an educational programme run in schools and colleges to find and educate potential musicians. The initiative is backed by multi-millionaire investor Simon Dolan. Klipdrift & Cola is presenting Global Moguls in South Africa. The big idea - Global Moguls is a web-based talent search for the next great unsigned band. What's unique about the search is that it's not only about the band but is also a launchpad for the entire creative team behind the band. The people responsible for the band's identity from their logo to their photography to their music video. Want to know how it works? Teams of creatives find unsigned bands to collaborate with, or an unsigned band finds a team of creatives to work with. Together they work through a series of music and media industry related tasks, starting with a rough-cut video and single track, moving to photography, design and finishing with a full-length music video.
Between 10 and 5