VW Golf R 1 A print campaign for Volkwagen's new Golf R by Ogilvy Cape Town. R = Awesome. Creative team: Jennifer Macfarlane, Cuan Cronwright, Alexi McCarthy and Guy Lewis.
Jen and Cuan in Cannes Jennifer Macfarlane and Cuan Cronwright, the creative team behind Goodbye Citi and the latest Dentyne campaign, are visiting Cannes for an Ogilvy Worldwide conference and to attend the Cannes Lions Advertising festival. This Ogilvy Cape Town team are living the dream and blogging about it so we can all share in the experience (well, virtually anyway). Follow their blog, The Adventures of Jen and Cuan in Cannes, here. Or follow Jen on twitter to read about nights in Antibes and brainstorming sessions in a French villa. Try not to hate them too much. Who said advertising didn't come with perks?

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4PtO1RNhuA[/youtube]   Word on the street is that we are the first to receive this amazing new ad from Ogilvy Cape Town. It's the first of three beautiful TV executions done for Dentyne. The ad was created by Jennifer MacFarlane, Cuan Cronwright and Alexi McCarthy and the...

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