10and5 Wallpaper   We featured Jess's work a while back (we loved the crazy horse!), and now we have some wallpapers to feature as well! Download these and use them as your desktop background. Until we get the next ones up. If you would like to feature your desktop wallpaper, simply send us a mail to submissions@10and5.com. Click through for the other sizes.
Illustration by Jess Jorgensen We're digging these line illustrations done by Jess Jorgensen, especially this one above titled "Doghorse". We hope to feature Jess a bit regularly on 10and5, in the meantime check out her site read her bio:
After surviving 3 years at Red & Yellow I was hired as a "grass", strategist and designer for youth trend forecasting company Instant Grass. In 2008 I migrated to London, where I sold my soul in a 9-5 as a graphic designer for Pentland Brands. After travelling to India for 2 months I've returned to my Mzansi homeland as a freelance consultant in advertising and design.
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