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Jungle Mumble African Stories [youtube][/youtube] Jungle Mumble is a series of 5 interactive children’s books for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The stories are narrated by SA's Got Talent Finalist, George Arrey and are made up of more than 24 hand drawn illustrations per story. The idea of creating African themed children’s books came to life when 4i software development and Life is Awesome, both based in Stellenbosch, combined their efforts to create something unique and special for the iPhone and specifically the iPad. Interest in the product however encouraged the Jungle Mumble team to expand the product to include Nokia touch screen devices as well as Android. The Nokia version was set to release on OVI by the end of 2010 and Android early this year. The stories feature a whole host of African animals including lions, an ant, a crocodile and a springbok. Each story has a educational aspect and teaches the children a valuable life lesson. The Jungle Mumble stories is currently available internationally on the Apple App store.  For more information check
Work by Life is Awesome Life is Awesome hails from the far land of Stellenbosch.  Between majestic mountains, a shady patch of moss birthed a graphic design collaboration some time ago. Life is Awesome has been around since  Attila the Hun died of a nose bleed (caused by eating too much Danish blue cheese). You can even spot us in the backgrounds of some classical paintings pulling gangster poses. In other words, we have been around for ever. Breathing life into design and corporate companies is our particular speciality.  We offer services extending from very convincing corporate ids to sleek websites and outstanding print design. We also happen to make some serious sandwiches and potent coffee. And you're always invited. For more info visit our website
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